When you list with us-:

We sit down with you to determine your individual situation, the short-term requirements and the long-term vision for your property. We develop a marketing and deal structure strategy to achieve top dollar for your space, presence for your property and improved long-term value for your asset. We create marketing materials that are concise, information rich, eye-catching and polished. We make large investments of time and money to make sure each listing can be found by all possible prospects.


  • Premium memberships to as many as 20 commercial property listing websites
  • Eye catching, concise and information rich marketing materials.
  • Social Media, Door to Door & Email marketing  
  • Long standing relationships within the brokerage and retailer communities
  • Cold calling


When you come to us-:

We will negotiate to save you significant costs over the life of a lease and save time and lease expense and you usually don’t have to pay for this service since we almost always get paid by the Landlord. We leverage our experience & knowledge to negotiate the best for our tenants, in a timely manner, and below asking & market pricing, allowing you to out-position and out-perform your competition, while improving the bottom line.

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Long Island: 516.350.6800

Queens/NYC: 718.657.1800

Toll Free:1.866.338.3777


At Shabbir Realty Inc we have represented clients in all types of commercial and multi-family real estate transactions which includes hotels & motels, gas stations, offices, industrial buildings, retail, strip malls, health care, land, religious facilities, mixed used & residential income properties.


When Selling -:

As your exclusive broker, we'll analyze your property with a focus on realistic expectations of each asset and their relationship to the market. Using this skill set combined with our marketing expertise and comprehension of finance, we are able to procure property sales at the highest possible price in the shortest period of time.


  • Advisory Support on Market Valuation
  • Property Positioning for Maximum Exposure
  • Assessment of Market and Zoning Conditions along with Recommended Transaction Timing
  • Immense Exposure to the Marketplace including, but not limited to, Print, Mail & E-Mail, Web, Direct Solicitation, Signage
  • Full Cooperation With Other Brokers
  • Negotiation of Terms
  • Transaction Management, with Special Attention to Closing details
  • Most of all, Diligent Communication


When buying my office will-:

Find the right property, negotiate the best terms and guide you through the entire process to ensure a successful closing. Our professionals are dedicated to advising clients in the U.S.A and Internationally. 


  • Access to both public and private listings
  • Assessment of market conditions along with recommended transaction timing

  • Property Evaluation / Financial Analysis
  • Submission of Offers / Proposals

  • Negotiation of Purchase Agreement

  • Due Diligence & Evaluation of Asset
  • Transaction Management, With Special Attention to Closing Details